iOS calendar

I live in a Microsoft world, for work it is where I stay. But I am a Mac guy. I love my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. With that being said, I still use Google like it is going out of style, and love features that my Google account offers. Trying to get all these to work together though can be a nightmare. I have used a great calendar on my iOS devices called Sunrise that is amazing. Unfortunately Microsoft purchased it recently and now they are discontinuing it; taking away an amazing app because they want iOS users to download Outlook. As much as I use Outlook in my Windows world, I do not want it to converge on my Mac world. So I’m in search of something else, and may have just found it. I was unaware that Google hides a feature that allows you to sync a number of other calendars & shared calendars to your iOS devices.

I don’t need to tell you how to setup your accounts on your iOS device, or let’s say I’m not going to tell you, anyway. Assuming you have that done, visit this link and sign in with your Google account:

Check the boxes of the shared calendars you want to sync. Google has this set to off by default.  (Also assuming you have shared calendars setup with friends/family and you have enabled the necessary permissions – again not going through that here.)

It should not take long for that to sync up on your iOS device, then you should be able to see all these calendars.

I hope this helps someone else as it has me, because I was really wondering how to get access to these calendars.

Please fill out the poll and let me know if this helped you out:

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