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Diskpart is a magical tool

WARNING:  True geek confession coming up.

If you don’t use the command line, you are missing a lot in life.  Diskpart is an amazing tool available via Windows command line.  I love the “clean” command.  It makes life so much easier when you are having issues with a hard drive, whether write problems, or a stubborn partition.  Be aware though that you will lose everything when you clean it.  But in some instances, you have reached your limit and you don’t care.  Like today for instance.  It’s Friday, so say goodbye data.

Updated Blog

I had to start over on my posts, and delete all previous items.  When I moved my blog from GoDaddy to WordPress, some of the integrations I had enabled don’t work any longer, one being my twitter integration.  So I had to move my twitter feed to the sidebar, and decided to delete all of the posts and begin anew.